‘Shripad Shankar Nagarkar’

Established in 1952, S.S. Nagarkar Jewellers is a top jeweller in Pune. For the last 71 years, they have been creative and productive in this field, becoming one of the top jewellers in the city.
We project elegance through our work and work to make you shine on your special day.
S.S. Nagarkar Jewellers stands out because of the combined experience of two generations, which has resulted in creative and youth-oriented jewellery designs on the market since 1952. We work to make contemporary jewellery that youth can be attracted to and relate to.
Jewellery is a central part of Indian culture. Whether it is a festival or a wedding, we are always ready with the kind of jewellery we want to wear. And we understand this unconditional love that Indians have for jewellery, and we are there at every event or festival to make you look the way you want to.
Nagarkar jewellers have been active in the jewellery business for the last two decades and have maintained their position as industry leaders since then. The second generation is now working in the business, bringing modern craft together with the elegance and grace that the Nagarkar family has always maintained and working to provide everyone with contemporary jewellery.


Honerning the best in jewellery

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